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ECOFLEXTRA - Ecoflextra funds purchased from January 1st 2011 onwards.

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Net Unit Value as at 2014-12-19
Variation (%) Year to Date***
Calendar year 2013 net return
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Focus Funds
Focus Prudent IAG SRP20.0925.5633.2145.4814.1853.691*3.662*
Focus Moderate IAG SRP21.1725.3577.2375.6625.574.253*3.976*
Focus Balanced IAG SRP22.1795.111.4095.8056.9674.811*4.256*
Focus Growth IAG SRP23.1144.81215.6595.9038.335.324*4.478*
Focus Aggressive IAG SRP24.0454.53420.1916.0239.7625.864*4.676*

Income Funds
Bonds IAG SRP32.9196.233-3.2195.4792.0222.947*3.399*
Money Market IAG SRP17.2670.1150.1170.1080.120.14*1.01*
Short Term Bonds IAG SRP20.3541.081-0.5820.9260.4781.015*1.77*
Tactical Bonds (Aston Hill) IAG SRP10.8440.6290.4021.7042.205--
Strategic Corporate Bond IAG SRP11.6322.2795.1174.8876.731*--
Real Return Bond IAG SRP9.24310.58-15.929.765-0.811*3.962*-

Diversified Funds
Diversified IAG SRP44.1587.99911.6879.6777.8735.585*4.819*
Diversified Security IAG SRP28.1098.1984.9748.9845.3764.349*4.115*
Diversified Opportunity IAG SRP34.1479.45714.13311.6659.0956.102*5.22*
Diversified Income IAG SRP29.3449.25913.17311.1539.347.725*6.864*
Global Diversified (Catapult) IAG SRP13.315-0.56912.6693.3617.7226.678*-
Tactical Income (Aston Hill) IAG SRP17.592.2186.4467.2866.5646.15*-
Canadian Balanced (QV) IAG SRP14.1394.52713.2156.1328.957.027*4.805*
SRI Balanced (Inhance) IAG SRP13.5126.70610.8638.2638.015--
Strategic income IAG SRP12.66.10311.2979.7339.948*--

Distinction Portfolios**
Distinction Prudent IAG SRP15.2946.178.4397.8226.9695.245*3.9*
Distinction Conservative IAG SRP16.1846.66710.4118.4997.6135.503*4.352*
Distinction Balanced IAG SRP17.4076.61613.6438.6298.9046.526*4.537*
Distinction Monthly Income IAG SRP16.5764.4089.9515.5567.3445.944*-
Distinction Growth IAG SRP18.2096.62118.0559.06510.5316.937*3.991*
Distinction Bold IAG SRP19.0756.88920.7049.411.5097.462*4.445*

Hybrid Funds
Dividend Income Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP12.7838.80312.05611.43410.5727.536*4.894*
Dividend Growth Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP12.3677.3619.76510.1938.3536.923*6.533*
Canadian Equity (Leon Frazer) Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP11.7723.935.5787.2395.5226.468*5.433*
Canadian Equity Index Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP11.1977.5736.5139.9346.2494.442*4.94*
Select Canadian Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP10.6293.1378.5666.4885.143.983*4.75*
Canadian Equity Value Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP10.7943.2059.0045.8695.3893.764*3.888*
Canadian Equity (Dynamic) Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP9.412-1.1149.964-1.5992.8321.232*5.36*
Fidelity True North Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP12.72610.12514.50810.9069.7267.056*6.445*
Canadian Equity Growth Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP11.4466.89710.1949.1627.3465.748*6.832*
Fidelity Canadian Opportunities Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP11.797.5349.9047.3367.3547.182*6.82*
Canadian Equity (Small Cap.) (QV) Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP14.9254.42125.6817.4715.80111.679*8.094*
Global Dividend (Dynamic) Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP13.248.8919.40610.6119.9097.131*-
Global Equity Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP13.629.98622.11111.37412.87.535*-
Global Equity (Templeton) Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP14.396.88127.9378.47615.1238.2*3.971*
Fidelity North Star Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP14.4110.53831.1911.82615.2089.959*5.099*
U.S. Equity (Sarbit) Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP13.1814.05218.3585.85811.33811.581*-
Global True Conviction Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP12.859.75130.41910.74313.303--
Global True Conviction IAG SRP13.40911.00643.86812.59917.274--

*Simulation of past returns as if the funds had been in effect for these periods
**Distinction Portfolios are only offered in the Guaranteed Surrender Series.
***Variation is calculated as follows ((Net Asset Value of the day - Net Asset Value as of 31-12-2013) / Net Asset Value as of 31-12-2013) * 100