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ECOFLEXTRA - Ecoflextra funds purchased from January 1st 2011 onwards.

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Net Unit Value as at 2015-03-02
Variation (%) Year to Date***
Calendar year 2014 net return
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Focus Funds
Focus Prudent IAG SRP21.0664.745.6717.4925.2914.787*3.837*
Focus Moderate IAG SRP22.3345.4185.4277.3556.7175.458*4.085*
Focus Balanced IAG SRP23.5416.1035.1357.1648.1526.125*4.302*
Focus Growth IAG SRP24.6826.7864.8136.9439.5546.746*4.456*
Focus Aggressive IAG SRP25.8357.484.5016.72211.027.39*4.599*

Income Funds
Bonds IAG SRP34.1563.5756.4218.013.0763.86*3.687*
Money Market IAG SRP17.2790.0640.1220.1720.140.155*0.989*
Short Term Bonds IAG SRP20.6821.5281.1652.060.9581.317*1.851*
Tactical Bonds (Aston Hill) IAG SRP11.0872.0240.8441.2151.852--
Strategic Corporate Bond IAG SRP12.0163.0672.512.6915.517--
Real Return Bond IAG SRP9.9677.59910.81215.180.9895.418*-

Diversified Funds
Diversified IAG SRP47.0426.4838.0510.9158.9386.874*4.926*
Diversified Security IAG SRP29.4244.6878.1859.7486.2265.267*4.272*
Diversified Opportunity IAG SRP36.4916.7649.5611.479.9957.342*5.212*
Diversified Income IAG SRP31.0595.6629.44712.2989.3747.597*6.672*
Global Diversified (Catapult) IAG SRP13.8713.59-0.0023.2266.1026.171*-
Tactical Income (Aston Hill) IAG SRP18.1662.3833.1093.8314.6315.05*-
Canadian Balanced (QV) IAG SRP14.6472.7565.3816.1958.516.897*4.501*
SRI Balanced (Inhance) IAG SRP14.3756.2646.82910.1718.6546.677*-
Strategic income IAG SRP12.9152.0136.6046.2458.128--

Distinction Portfolios**
Distinction Prudent IAG SRP15.8923.6186.4768.1716.7275.688*3.835*
Distinction Conservative IAG SRP16.9054.1157.0148.8537.5236.079*4.248*
Distinction Balanced IAG SRP18.2294.3766.9679.1098.897.093*4.417*
Distinction Monthly Income IAG SRP17.1383.4184.3857.4496.766.072*-
Distinction Growth IAG SRP19.0664.2887.0519.13210.0637.475*3.695*
Distinction Bold IAG SRP20.074.8297.289.83711.1078.101*4.144*

Hybrid Funds
Dividend Income Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP13.1852.5299.45410.0999.3377.431*4.382*
Dividend Growth Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP12.8352.8828.2989.1387.6827.228*6.178*
Canadian Equity (Leon Frazer) Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP11.9630.7024.884.3644.2965.843*4.936*
Canadian Equity Index Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP11.7714.2778.4429.0286.5065.265*4.877*
Select Canadian Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP11.0853.5533.873.134.7744.309*4.443*
Canadian Equity Value Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP11.3584.7383.6834.065.6394.58*3.671*
Canadian Equity (Dynamic) Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP9.8694.601-0.87-1.0163.9212.133*4.692*
Fidelity True North Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP13.3124.03310.73811.83410.7828.045*6.271*
Canadian Equity Growth Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP12.1655.2827.9179.3177.7526.388*6.752*
Fidelity Canadian Opportunities Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP12.2293.6267.6369.1398.2397.41*6.616*
Canadian Equity (Small Cap.) (QV) Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP15.1610.445.6063.17912.55710.935*7.416*
Global Dividend (Dynamic) Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP14.3649.4337.95314.33112.5888.666*-
Global Equity Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP14.9510.4799.27415.80714.5729.94*-
Global Equity (Templeton) Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP15.6399.1256.4428.23516.20510.322*3.907*
Fidelity North Star Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP15.7789.37610.65215.37817.5511.44*5.266*
U.S. Equity (Sarbit) Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP13.4851.9244.445.6689.53810.999*-
Global True Conviction Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP14.18910.5079.66515.08515.612--
Global True Conviction IAG SRP15.10512.83210.82717.52320.053--

*Simulation of past returns as if the funds had been in effect for these periods
**Distinction Portfolios are only offered in the Guaranteed Surrender Series.
***Variation is calculated as follows ((Net Asset Value of the day - Net Asset Value as of 31-12-2014) / Net Asset Value as of 31-12-2014) * 100