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ECOFLEXTRA - Ecoflextra funds purchased from January 1st 2011 onwards.

Net Returns (%) as at
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Net Unit Value as at 2015-12-11
Variation (%) Year to Date***
Calendar year 2015 net return
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3 Years
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10 Years
Focus Funds
Focus Prudent IAG SRP20.2810.8355.6711.1783.4093.214*3.065*
Focus Moderate IAG SRP21.30.5355.4271.4634.8873.678*3.256*
Focus Balanced IAG SRP22.2470.2715.1351.7776.3814.145*3.416*
Focus Growth IAG SRP23.107-0.0284.8132.0657.8464.56*3.514*
Focus Aggressive IAG SRP23.964-0.3034.5012.379.3825.003*3.599*

Income Funds
Bonds IAG SRP33.381.2226.4210.6811.0562.565*2.967*
Money Market IAG SRP17.3010.1910.1220.2140.1460.141*0.899*
Short Term Bonds IAG SRP20.5070.6651.1650.2910.2640.824*1.639*
Tactical Bonds (Aston Hill) IAG SRP10.751-1.0720.844-1.6150.2891.581*-
Strategic Corporate Bond IAG SRP11.173-4.1672.51-4.4471.787--
Real Return Bond IAG SRP9.181-0.88410.812-2.236-3.0511.582*-

Diversified Funds
Diversified IAG SRP44.8551.5318.053.688.25.405*4.11*
Diversified Security IAG SRP28.7812.4028.1853.3295.714.329*3.713*
Diversified Opportunity IAG SRP34.104-0.2199.562.4879.1785.456*4.17*
Diversified Income IAG SRP29.336-0.29.4472.1138.8355.327*5.204*
Global Diversified (Catapult) IAG SRP13.5541.224-0.002-0.3985.2144.296*-
Tactical Income (Aston Hill) IAG SRP16.265-8.3323.109-8.7091.2371.656*-
Canadian Balanced (QV) IAG SRP13.44-5.7155.381-3.5245.7764.441*3.595*
SRI Balanced (Inhance) IAG SRP13.426-0.756.8290.9696.4724.787*-
Strategic income IAG SRP11.728-7.3566.604-6.2654.92--

Distinction Portfolios**
Distinction Prudent IAG SRP15.135-1.3236.476-0.2595.5474.091*3.167*
Distinction Conservative IAG SRP16.103-0.8267.0140.3546.664.422*3.497*
Distinction Balanced IAG SRP17.373-0.5216.9671.1147.9175.365*3.74*
Distinction Monthly Income IAG SRP16.079-2.9764.385-2.2644.6393.86*1.743*
Distinction Growth IAG SRP17.965-1.7367.0510.3459.3145.472*3.006*
Distinction Bold IAG SRP18.938-1.0837.281.26410.686.09*3.449*

Hybrid Funds
Dividend Income Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP12.427-3.3659.454-2.1737.4365.21*3.32*
Dividend Growth Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP11.87-4.858.298-2.8125.6274.48*4.523*
Canadian Equity (Leon Frazer) Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP10.135-14.684.88-11.83-0.0771.511*2.527*
Canadian Equity Index Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP10.334-8.4528.442-5.6893.6191.799*2.885*
Select Canadian Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP9.591-10.4073.87-8.0771.9210.643*2.38*
Canadian Equity Value Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP10.363-4.4343.683-2.9043.8191.823*2.11*
Canadian Equity (Dynamic) Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP8.566-9.204-0.87-3.9291.699-1.628*3.189*
Fidelity True North Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP12.38-3.25210.738-0.088.335.454*4.749*
Canadian Equity Growth Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP10.982-4.9597.917-1.5365.8323.164*5.033*
Fidelity Canadian Opportunities Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP10.586-10.2997.636-4.9414.1252.617*5.084*
Canadian Equity (Small Cap.) (QV) Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP14.01-7.1825.606-3.7419.6058.564*6.031*
Global Dividend (Dynamic) Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP14.8713.2867.95312.27113.2338.761*-
Global Equity Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP15.20612.3689.27412.89115.3179.856*-
Global Equity (Templeton) Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP15.3697.246.4427.07614.99910.197*4.093*
Fidelity North Star Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP16.6515.42310.65214.0518.86311.301*5.603*
U.S. Equity (Sarbit) Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP13.3020.5414.441.1648.9527.129*-
Global True Conviction Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP14.0269.2359.66511.24117.667--
Global True Conviction IAG SRP14.98311.92310.82714.86623.718--

*Simulation of past returns as if the funds had been in effect for these periods
**Distinction Portfolios are only offered in the Guaranteed Surrender Series.
***Variation is calculated as follows ((Net Asset Value of the day - Net Asset Value as of 31-12-2015) / Net Asset Value as of 31-12-2015) * 100