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ECOFLEXTRA - Ecoflextra funds purchased from January 1st 2011 onwards.

Net Returns (%) as at
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Net Unit Value as at 2015-01-26
Variation (%) Year to Date***
Calendar year 2014 net return
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3 Years
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10 Years
Focus Funds
Focus Prudent IAG SRP20.733.0715.6715.6714.093.869*3.488*
Focus Moderate IAG SRP21.8553.1585.4275.4275.6494.293*3.75*
Focus Balanced IAG SRP22.9063.2425.1355.1357.2214.71*3.979*
Focus Growth IAG SRP23.8813.3224.8134.8138.7625.082*4.147*
Focus Aggressive IAG SRP24.8563.4084.5014.50110.3725.473*4.303*

Income Funds
Bonds IAG SRP33.9182.8526.4216.4211.663.364*3.326*
Money Market IAG SRP17.2780.0550.1220.1220.1240.144*1.001*
Short Term Bonds IAG SRP20.6511.3741.1651.1650.3671.227*1.718*
Tactical Bonds (Aston Hill) IAG SRP10.9941.1710.8440.8441.471--
Strategic Corporate Bond IAG SRP11.7971.1862.512.515.643*--
Real Return Bond IAG SRP9.7224.95910.81210.812-2.168*3.561*-

Diversified Funds
Diversified IAG SRP45.8143.7028.058.057.9815.42*4.58*
Diversified Security IAG SRP29.0113.2198.1858.1855.254.362*3.945*
Diversified Opportunity IAG SRP35.4593.7449.569.569.4045.704*4.932*
Diversified Income IAG SRP30.413.4529.4479.4479.6426.886*6.569*
Global Diversified (Catapult) IAG SRP13.4970.793-0.002-0.0026.4355.819*-
Tactical Income (Aston Hill) IAG SRP17.7590.0883.1093.1095.24.954*-
Canadian Balanced (QV) IAG SRP14.3470.6485.3815.3818.1526.466*4.47*
SRI Balanced (Inhance) IAG SRP14.0023.5036.8296.8297.8015.54*-
Strategic income IAG SRP12.654-0.0436.6046.6048.702*--

Distinction Portfolios**
Distinction Prudent IAG SRP15.6532.0566.4766.4766.5724.94*3.648*
Distinction Conservative IAG SRP16.6162.3357.0147.0147.4545.185*4.071*
Distinction Balanced IAG SRP17.8652.2926.9676.9678.746.127*4.237*
Distinction Monthly Income IAG SRP16.791.3174.3854.3856.7265.373*-
Distinction Growth IAG SRP18.6822.1857.0517.05110.6166.427*3.62*
Distinction Bold IAG SRP19.6162.4627.287.2811.7546.885*4.046*

Hybrid Funds
Dividend Income Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP12.9330.5719.4549.4549.5376.817*4.393*
Dividend Growth Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP12.641.3238.2988.2987.8826.388*6.228*
Canadian Equity (Leon Frazer) Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP12.0241.2164.884.884.8665.657*5.132*
Canadian Equity Index Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP11.4811.7138.4428.4426.4134.227*4.702*
Select Canadian Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP10.7930.8263.873.875.1843.39*4.433*
Canadian Equity Value Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP11.1012.3753.6833.6835.5193.385*3.595*
Canadian Equity (Dynamic) Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP9.5010.704-0.87-0.873.9660.905*5.049*
Fidelity True North Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP12.9781.42310.73810.73810.3347.007*6.312*
Canadian Equity Growth Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP11.822.2927.9177.9177.7775.313*6.618*
Fidelity Canadian Opportunities Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP11.692-0.9247.6367.6368.1716.985*6.688*
Canadian Equity (Small Cap.) (QV) Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP14.837-1.7055.6065.60615.1110.913*7.793*
Global Dividend (Dynamic) Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP13.8965.8637.9537.95310.0216.68*-
Global Equity Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP14.4166.5339.2749.27413.1927.41*-
Global Equity (Templeton) Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP15.2786.6046.4426.44215.167.765*3.41*
Fidelity North Star Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP15.3766.59110.65210.65215.3439.545*4.739*
U.S. Equity (Sarbit) Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP13.240.074.444.4411.06211.058*-
Global True Conviction Hybrid 75/25 IAG SRP13.5465.4999.6659.66514.506--
Global True Conviction IAG SRP14.2386.35810.82710.82719.106--

*Simulation of past returns as if the funds had been in effect for these periods
**Distinction Portfolios are only offered in the Guaranteed Surrender Series.
***Variation is calculated as follows ((Net Asset Value of the day - Net Asset Value as of 31-12-2014) / Net Asset Value as of 31-12-2014) * 100